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Ahmad Safrudin article entitled “What will Republic of Indonesia gain from a fuel economy policy” revealed on national capital Post on Oct third, highlights the setting friendly automotive production set up by narrating th ecological context on one hand and also the domestic economy on the opposite.

Certainly, this text support the instruction of President Jokowi for 2 reasons. First, eco-friendly automotive is one among the foremost vital steps to scale back carbon emissions on earth. The discourse of environmental harmowing to carbon emissions for the last decade has become world’s concern. This point, in fact, is that the integral a part of the SDG’s. Secondly, in terms of economy, automotive production are going to be useful each in financial and non-fiscal.

To support this, in line with Safrudin, government must implement low charge per unit. Indeed, wishing onenvironmentally friendly campaign doesn’t provide complete confidence to the client. within the country, as Associate in Nursing example, wherever cars today square measure wished by the center category, the tax remains comparatively thought-about. Moreover, in the midst of a concrete work to scale back air harm. Here, we’d like to respect their concern regarding this international issue. however not essentially flip down our crucial thinking.

I will provide you with some notes regarding this sort of thinking lure. I known as it lure as a result of on the surface the concept looks positive and inspiring. but this idea aiming to bring 2 advantages each for international and national interests, however behind these sweet arguments there’s denial issues that may not be handled throughoutall now.

First, the policy to provide excessive automotive will become damaging. Excessive automotive production cansupport the possession mode of non-public transportation that is contradictive to Jokowi’s campaign once he served because the governor of national capital. national capital and different huge cities square measure currently facing a similar problem; Congestion.

The desire to possessed personal mode of production has given rise to a tangle that tough to solved inside the few decades. And it looks we have a tendency to forget the homecoming flow this year became a terrible congestion tragedy. This tragedy additionally took several lives. this is often wherever we’d like to assume that any automotivewith any reasonably fuel, as well as the eco-friendly one, can become a tangle. and that i was a trifle bit demoralisedregarding eco-friendly fuel automotive export program. In countries that already conscious of the danger of congestion can limit the quota of non-public transportation and emphasize mass transportation. as a result of it means that they’re protective their national interests.
Secondly, eco-friendly automotive isn’t an answer for the broken caused by laissez-faire economy. however a property framework that perpetuates corporations to provide product, as well as the cars.

And once more, as their damaging instincts, automotive production even with environmentally friendly appendage really would still cause issues. The term environmentally friendly is simply a canopy for laissez-faire economy to stay perpetuating their production. astonishingly, the govt. itself adopted this sort of thinking pattern.
No ought to take into account. Was it a lot of vital to avoid issues instead of continue a policy ?


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