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Angkringan Wagon

We offer teak wood of gerobak at a price of Rp. 3,200,000. Whereas teak is a preferred type of wood that is often used for various types of furniture, meubel, well known for its good quality. Of course, the price we offer is very suitable for selling wooden gerobak with the previous price.


The teak wooden gerobak we offer are gerobak kayu. We sell teak wood of angkringan with a meticulous and made by people who are experts in their field, but it is the process made with modern tools so that the teak we use awake quality.

We sell teak wood of gerobak at a price of Rp. 3,200,000 because of the daring quality we offer to customers. The teak wagon we offer is also made by professional craftsmen so the reasonable price for the quality of durable and durable wooden wagons. The quality of the teak wood itself can not be questioned. Given the quality of our trolleys that sell prices certainly appropriate given the quality of the woods and quality of gerobak made by experienced people.

If you are unsure of the price we offer, you may want to consider a description related to excess teak wood.

Many people know if teak wood is the preferred wood despite the high purchase price. It starts from the quality that exists in the teak wood itself. Teak wood has a hard texture. Therefore, if the material is manufactured as gerobak kayu, teak wood can be more durable and resistant. Therefore, you do not have to worry that your gerobak is damaged quickly.

Special Quality of Teak Wood

In addition to a strong and durable teak is also very stable, because the dry teak wood is not prone to shrink. And that’s one of the reasons we sell the teak wood, because of the strength of the solid teak wood and shrinks easily.

Secondly, teak wood is more resistant to various forms of climate change. This way, you do not have to worry if the weather is uncertain, such as heat and sudden rain. Their teak wood of gerobak (gerobak kayu) will have no effect in extreme weather changes.

Another advantage of teak wood is more resistant to pest attack. Wood-eating insects such as termites are a gerobak specter. But termites can not attack and eat hardwood teak that has a hard texture. I rarely find hollow teak wood furniture because of wood pests. Unless the wood is still wet and has not been made by a trained person. But if a trained person does what he understands if the wooden furniture has to be dry beforehand, then termites will not disturb their angkringan wagons, for example.

Teak wood has other advantages, like having a beautiful fiber, it can be used as value for your basket. Of course, the beautiful gerobak produced by the teak wood fiber looks soft, so it can catch the attention of visitors.

In addition to harmful insects such as termites, teak is not easily moldy either. Make your gerobak kayu clean.

From the description related to the quality of teak wood, you can see how you will get the best quality at affordable prices that we offer. Because, we are more concerned about consumer satisfaction. The price of the teak gerobak we offer is also very suitable for the quality you will get in your business in the future.

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