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Noisy Office Chair StoryIts my experience with noisy office chair.

Before that,..thanks for being here. Welcome To the non-ice-dancing portion. Of today’s olympic coverage. Before i dance, i have a story I want to tell you. Maybe this is something that has happened to you. Maybe it has not happened to you. Maybe it will happen in the future. Maybe it won’t happen to you.

I don’t know.

But here’s the story. This morning, i was having a meeting with my producers, with ed and mary and andy and lil flip. And i turned in my chair, and it made a noise– not a big noise and not a little noise, an unfortunate noise. And it was loud enough that people could hear it.

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And not really know if it was the chair or me. And not understand. So–and of course it was not coming from me. I am a lady and a cover girl, and don’t be silly.

Thank you. Has that happened to you, though, where the noise happens? It could be a chair. It could be a shoe. It could be anything. So you try to re-create The noise to make sure.

You just shift in the chair Again, and you just– and that’s what i kept doing. I would–i ended up looking cr–

I would rock back and forth. I’d go back, and it never made the same noise. It was a different noise, which then sounds worse, that it’s a different kind of noise.

It was like a “hmm.” like a…anyway… But i said, you know, “it’s not me. It’s the chair.” no one would even–I mean, anyway– so i say it wasn’t me. And so i thought this was–It was unfortunate, ’cause, really, the noise never happened again, but it really did happen, so i wanted to bring my chair out from my office.

And show you, hopefully– dave? Thank you, dave. Dave carried that all the way from beverly hills, so thank you. All right, so let’s see what happens. This really, really–‘Cause it didn’t happen again.

And it happened, like, two days in a row. In the beginning of the week, and so it was oiled, and then it hadn’t– oh, boy. Hold on. I was looking at something on tv, and then i turned.

Hold on a second. Still, this is more exciting than olympic curling, right? This is crazy. It’s mic’ed and everything, right? My chair has come down With stage fright. My chair is– mm, this is really unfortunate.

My apologies to eva mendes. I’m not getting out of this chair. Until it makes the sound again. All right.

Well, anyway, this is– in case what you wonder what i look like. In office meetings, this is what it– this is what it looks like. I sit in this chair. Well, the good news is, my chair is fixed, and it’s not happening again.

If this happens In the meeting tomorrow, i will videotaping it

In the meeting and show you, because it really hadn’t happened, and then it happened In the meeting, and i knew this was gonna happen. I knew i’d talk about it (NH)…

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Author: Ahmad Ahmad

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