Nursing Management Of Diabetes Mellitus

Nursing Management Of Diabetes Mellitus

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The nurses Health Education in parts of diabetes
Woodbridge Matthew cli equal, RN, MSc, Center Advisory Special care should Inpatient University of Montreal (CHUM), SIDIIEF, Canada
Nursing Management Of Diabetes Mellitus
17 October 2013
Diabetes is a growing health problem: today there are 371 million people with diabetes worldwide. In Africa, more than 14 million people living with diabetes and it is estimated that this figure will not increase to 28 million in 2030 [1]. Fostering urbanization, better nutrition, and sedentary lifestyle changes are partly guilty of this development. Non-communicable diseases such as diabetes in order to become the new Africa health [2, 3]. The risk of developing countries, as it is now, diabetes, diabetes more than 80% of deaths occur among countries and among low income [4]. Africa is also home to the highest percentage of undiagnosed cases of diabetes (81%) [5]. It all depends on the action.

Type 2 diabetes by modifying usually possible to prevent certain risk behaviors, sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habits, use of tobacco and alcohol consumption [6]. Thus, 5% of initial weight loss of about 60% can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, the glucose intolerance [7].

Prevention and health promotion is necessary to reduce the risk of premature death and to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes [8]. For that reason, nursing mothers, who have to have to play an important role in the prevention and to educating and supporting in the risk of developing a disease.

This article is to better education in diabetes showed supported to help people with diabetes and to improve the quality of their lives.

I Support for self-management
Sed placemat chronic disease who is in secret: and I will make signs do not always have said this clearly brings out. Handling requires a lot of effort on the part of patients, without any hope of recovery. It is important that the patient be able to cope with this disease management to complete investments and achieve well. The nurses we must first understand the impact of chronic diseases of life, we should not think every day in the life of the patients, the blood glucose as also the shields of their efforts, and to lay [9, 10, 11].

1. patient information;

For patients with the knowledge required for the autonomous management skills and technical (disease dietary advice, physical activity, treatment, prevention and management of hypo- and hyperglycemia, etc.), as well as problem-solving skills. Therefore, the patient will be more confident in his ability to change their behavior to achieve the desired goal. This approach means that the concept of central management, self [12, 13, 14]. The prevalence and the clinical outcome of micro and macrovascular complications of diabetes and is a patient associated with the level of involvement in their care. In the long run, this approach not only improves clinical outcomes but also to the health and quality of life, state of the patients [15]. The resource self-management is too large.

2. accompanied patients
The nurses, emphasizing the role of in the middle of the active life is, and who had authority, be patient with your to deal with the disease, to apply all of this mind, we find Him to the knowledge of and coping strategies. The goal is to help him understand his role because the disease most unclean-treat every day [16]. To achieve this, you need to work with patients to determine their needs, set goals, strategies help to solve them find potential problems, to determine their respective roles to achieve the goal. In fact, for example, poor glycemic control, be patient with a man with the gift of truth. During the trial, he mentioned that he does not know what to eat to regulate sugar levels. Hence, the habit of eating the knowledge of the work of the patients, it is recommended. So there will be a nurse, accompanied by the patient leader.[hs]

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