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The roof is one of the fathers of the house are not careful, just paint and if the treatment of shingles that do not come during the rainy season, the painting is usually white and nothing seemed to any reason to think that part of the design and decoration.

Now that it has changed, there are many ways to interpret what to do with the roof of a house, an apartment or a room, paint a little color contrast, use light in the frame a special decoration, which gives a different consistency to the color of the wall or painting that will never happened to grandma In this book of ideas, we give you some options when you wonder what to do with the ceiling? You can choose what you like. Join us on this tour.

1. The light is colored

In this kitchen, the sofa is used to highlight the central part of the room, providing lighting that emits color. The ceiling has a neutral color on the side of the panel, but it has shifted from light to light. Refined and modern decorative details.

2. Gray ceiling

As suggested in the previous image, the color of the furniture, in this case the cold gray, can be represented on a ceiling, which gives a design that corresponds to the style chosen by the room.

Use ceiling lamps included in the side and gray, giving the impression that the ceiling is floating in space, superb optical illusion that the ceiling is a little high, highlight the authenticity of the decorator.

3. The wood can be seen

The ceilings are very good, warm and well illustrated, so that four buildings, with a base structure of round and thin bamboo, are characteristic of colonial-style buildings. The details of the furniture, doors and windows are consistent with this roof, which indicates the many levels of perfection of whoever designs and builds.

4. with soft tone

On this ceiling, we see that the paint is used in the tone of the room, it is neither white nor beige, but the tones associated with the walls, the furniture and the fabrics are used.

Try a color code should be used in the palette that you need to decorate your room, which is one of the most important, remember that dark colors will bring the ceiling visually, it is used more when the ceiling is too high,

5. Clarify the environment

In a unique style in the decor, the walls are very dark, almost black, the wood floors also in the tone of the fabric used to sum up the darkness, what to do on the roof? Give this piece a little clarity. I choose bright colors, not too white, because in the second case, the contrast will be too strong, but the tone on the roof illuminates the room if necessary.

6. Define the space with wood

Who doubts that the bed is the main part of the furniture in the room? No one in this room has any doubt about this option, to decorate the room by revealing that part of the roof that defines the bed area. Play with ingredients You can make your roof a real gem to determine the atmosphere of the room.

7. Pure Red

The bathroom, I guess you will not like it, very tight, small, but it looks great with amazing and stunning colors on the roof. When you enter, nobody will realize that it’s small, because they are set to see the ceiling, tell us if that does not happen to you too? Drastic but effective solution.

8. painted structure

Here, the wooden structure is disguised with the entire room, as it is painted exactly with the color of the walls, mainly the cover and the fabric. See what happens when the ceiling is not so high, clear paints like the rest of the room, imitating the ceiling is not so low.

9. Combine colors

What do you think of this cuisine? This interesting combination of furniture behind the desk and the glossy black color, but the detail that makes it different is the ceiling, where the pieces were placed in this color, in the room where the light is everything. The solutions are not easily found in the kitchen, but in this case, they are perfect.

10. Wooden walls and ceilings

Another truly authentic kitchen, the ceilings were covered with the same type of wood panel and the colors that cover the walls and drawers under the table. Unlike anything you see, in this case, the ceiling is located around a wooden ceiling speaker, forming a frame with greater lighting for that area.

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