5 Steps to Describe Your Face with Makeup

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Daily makeup is a job that most women do in everyday life. However, few people know the techniques used by professionals to highlight features and color their faces to embellish them. Surely you will think that these techniques are out of your reach and that only great designers can access them to create actresses and models. Nothing is farther from reality!

We found this technique simple and quick to describe the highlights of your face and the shadow of your features to make them elegant, natural and beautiful. Step by step, allowing beauty icons from around the world to take on the appearance of the image on the left to resemble the image on the right:

Follow these 5 simple steps that you will quickly insert into your daily makeup routine to highlight your characteristics. All the steps we show you are in line with the basic level of makeup, in which you prepare the skin to perform, apply a tone to unify the appearance of your skin and apply blush, shadow and illuminator in a strategic area.

1. Apply base and light

Apply, as usual, basic tones similar to the complexion. We recommend using a light base and a sunscreen to treat the skin and look fresh. So, with illuminators of one or two colors brighter than those you normally use, shade the parts that appear on the photo: under your eyes and up to the bones of the cheekbones, in a straight line along the edge of the nose and on the triangular front.

2. Shadow

Once you have marked the area you want to illuminate, show darker people with darker tones to sharpen your features, as shown in the image above the forehead, like a crown that marks the beginning of your face. inside the cheekbones, right where the skin flows when you absorb the cheeks inward; on the lateral side of the nose and on the chin. Do not be afraid to draw solid and well-defined lines that clearly define the illuminated area illuminated in the following steps.

3. Marked area

Check if the face area is well defined between light and shadow. If you did well, you must see it above. If the jaw or forehead is very prominent, you can enlarge or reduce the shadows to soften this dominant feature.

4. Blush

Blushing only applies in areas with no bones in the cheekbones between the lighted and shaded areas. If you are very white, you will have a better fishing color; If your skin is opaque, you should use a reddish tone; and if you have brown hair, pink or fuchsia is ideal for you.

5. Blur

At this point, your face will resemble the image. What you need to do to eliminate the crisp color signs is to gently mix each area where you apply the color. For this, it is ideal for you to use a solid foam button and start in the brightest areas, letting the shadows end. Once done, apply makeup and lips as usual.

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