Here is the Trend Home Decoration That Hits This Year

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Patterns, exotic prints, vintage and industrial records, are what we will see next year in avant-garde homes. If you want your property to become a mode, in today’s book we will show some trends, so you start the year with an updated environment.

1. The protagonist’s lamp

The lights will come to life, because of the complicated and sophisticated designs presented that can easily turn them into the center of the environment.

2. Warm color is present

In interior design and decoration for 2018, warm colors replace minimalist trends that have taken shape. Orange, red, green and earth colors will be seen in all rooms of the house, appearing in textiles, walls and accessories.

3. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a coating that is widely used for its versatility and beauty. In 2018, the proposal is to apply a very colorful and exotic rug, which takes us to distant places. The next decoration trend, trying to give joy and color to all the rooms in the house.

4. Looks on the roof

The roof of the house will have special attention in terms of decoration: it will stop being a white and smooth surface, to receive coatings and even plaster molds.

5. And on the floor

For the floor of the house, the proposal is to use geometric patterns as we see in the picture, and are able to combine different materials to provide texture and warmth to the room.

6. Stylish and sophisticated kitchen

Even though the trend is mostly very colorful, the kitchen chooses an avant-garde aesthetic and is very elegant, using black as a decoration base.

7. Marble remains a favorite

Marble remains one of the favorite ingredients for kitchen work surfaces. Your appearance will be wiser and smoother.

8. 3D panel

Walls with 3D panels, replacing traditional layers, provide walls of home originality, cutting edge and lots of texture.

9. In the bathroom, shine and color with gresite

Tiles are small pieces of highly decorative tiles, which allow intricate and very attractive designs for bathroom decoration. The appearance of the split gives a special aesthetic to the bathroom.

10. Interior garden and relaxation room

The presence of plants in the interior of the house is always appreciated, but this time they cannot just be missed. In addition to purifying home air, they have strong decorative strength. But there is something more, for 2018, having a small space for relaxation will have a lot of value in the design of our house.

11. Pink

2 years ago, rose quartz was chosen by Pantone as a color this year; Its existence is still valid, but you can combine shades of pink with other colors such as bronze, gray and gold, achieving a very interesting spatial effect.

12. Gold pieces

The presence of a golden tone at home, will be well appreciated for those who strive to be at the forefront of decorating their homes. This can be included in mirror frames and other accessories.

13. Furniture settings

Believe it or not, there are also trends in how to place furniture at home and tables are grouped to combine overlapping colors and heights resulting in dynamism in the decoration of the room.

14. Natural fiber

Natural fibers will have a large presence in the 2018 decoration; comfortable and warm to decorate the bedroom, the idea is to take fiber texture to the bedroom, for example, to design a burlap header, sugar cane or rattan, and place a canopy in linen or gauze that will provide an exotic and romantic environment for bedroom decorating.


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