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A wedding look? Congratulations! But because we do not want to get ready to finish with your nerves, we asked our friends at the Yellow Sofa to give us the keys so that everything goes well.

1. Save the date

Even if the invitation is sent about two months before the wedding, as soon as you have a date, the word spreads so that your friends and family can manage over time and book that day.

2. How many guests are there?

Always be careful when searching for sites. Only if you are very clear about where you want to celebrate, you must adjust the number of guests to your capacity. That is to say, do it in the opposite direction.

3. Details

When you have chosen your wedding style and have chosen and visited this site, it’s time to think about the details. Try to follow the same aesthetic line so that everything is harmonious.

4. I want the dress!

Running well at the best time is starting to look for (and choose) dresses about six or seven months before the wedding, especially in high season. Maybe he does not need a lot of time, but it’s better if you go au pair. You will have more control.

5. Diagram of the seat

To define the site of each guest on the table, it is better to have a map (many restaurants are ready). Do not leave it at the last minute, as you may need to make changes to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease.

6. And if the celebration takes place at night

Bet on lighting with bouquets of bulbs, LED strips around the tree, hang candle holders or candleholders with candles. They will fill the scene of romance and create a more intimate and special atmosphere.

7. Farewell to stress

If you do not have the time, you think that the preparation will cause you too much stress or that you stay away from the place of the party: the delegates! Find the help of a wedding planner like our friends at the Yellow Sofa and let them advise you and take care of everything.

You’re married! Right now you must have a smile from ear to ear … and we have suggested that it is final, that both preparatory chaos and “typical marriage nerves” erase that expression. But, as logical, at this time you are attacked by all doubts: Where do I start? What should I choose first?

When should I send an invitation? And start looking at the dress?


Ahmad Ahmad

Author: Ahmad Ahmad

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