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Before any workout you need to take a few minutes to perform a proper warm up. Most people, if they warm up at all, make do with some light cardio and/or static stretching. While this is better than starting your workout cold, many experts believe that a Dynamic warm up is much better for your body as it can help enhance your perfomance and more effectively prepare your muscles, joints, and tendons to the upcoming workout.Ngakakak.com

A dynamic workout should be tailored specifically to the sport activity or workout that you’re about to do. For instance, a rower will focus on exercises for his or her upper body while a runner will make sure to get the heels and ankles, and calves warmed up and ready for the jog ahead.
If you’re working out in the gym, you should be able to plan your exercises in advance to make sure your dynamic warm up exercises routine is the right one for this workout. The key is to do prepare your body to the movements you will do in your workout. Here are some exercises you can choose from:
– Ankle bounces – stand straight or lean against a wall or pole. Rise up to rest on tiptoe and begin bouncing up and down without actually leaving the ground. This will help flex your calves and warm up your ankles.

– Jumping jacks – You probably know this exercise and it’s perfect for a dynamic warm up as it gets your waist, shoulders and arms into motion.
– Waist rotations – Stand straight with your feet slightly apart and both hands on your hips. Now, rotate your upper body from left to right using your waist as the axis.
– Knee to chest jumps – This is a slightly more energetic exercise but it can help you get ready for any running or leg workout. Stand straight on the ground with knees slightly bent. Jump high into the air bringing your knees close to your chest. This helps to flext your thigs and buttocks and prepares the knee joints for your workout.

– Heels to butt jog – Stand on the ground and begin running in place. Bring your ankles to your buttocks while you run in place to flex your quadraceps stretch your knees.
– Joints rotations – You should also rotate the joints which will be involved in your workout before you really get into it.

Try to incorporate these dynamic warm up exercises into your regular routine. They may prove valuable in improving your performance and results.LDA

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