Marriage is a unique event, far from the conventions and classic services that most couples have chosen a few years ago for this special party. Couples seeking exclusivity and the perfect marriage that remain forever in the memory of their guests.

In addition to choosing between hotels in town or on farm, orchestra or DJ, classic photos and video reporting, all friends now want to hire wedding planners, culinary events, Japanese food trucks, kitchen stations, photo booths to create sites. Wedding web or use hashtags on social networks to share them at any time.

A variety of services and suppliers throughout the country facilitate an authentic and unforgettable wedding celebration that will surprise your guests. Therefore, getting a perfect wedding for your tastes is not difficult if you consider some suggestions from professionals with great experience in organizing events.

Castles, hotels, village houses, farms, palaces, cellars, gardens … the choice to celebrate your event is unlimited; and therefore, it is almost impossible to attend the same two marriages. But how, until today, a successful marriage and no one forgets? We give you ten keys for preparation, and day B, perfect and without forgetting something important.

1. Determine your style

Everything must have a common denominator, just like the pieces of the puzzle: the costume of the couple, the floral arrangements, the music chosen for the end of the party, the decoration spaces, the personalized seating surfaces. Adjusted If you are thinking of a theme wedding, you can make a professional reference from either the two or from the place you meet. Is it during the summer holidays or the day of skiing at Christmas? Think carefully about how you feel, what is connected to your love story and how it will be successful.

2. Advice for planning weddings

Sometimes choose the type of wedding we want, the space to celebrate, the decorations, the banquet menus, the musical groups to entertain the events, choose accommodation and transport for guests, all these details, among others, can create a lot of stress. Organizing and coordinating an expert’s wedding will allow you to experience the organization of your wedding as something magical, and here plays a key role in the figure of WP-Wedding Planner.

Your WP will keep you informed of the latest trends. Her in-depth knowledge of the most sought-after wedding suppliers will allow you to choose the one that’s right for you and get the best budget. In addition, it will be the person who will accompany you from beginning to end, creating an unforgettable wedding experience that you can have fun with your guests and only worry about laughing, dancing and grilling. If you live in a place other than the one chosen for your wedding or abroad and want to celebrate your wedding in Spain; or if, on the contrary, you plan to celebrate the event, for example, in a paradise on the beach, even in a marriage known as marriage. Your goal will really be to take care of your peace of mind, without having to move.

3. Good planning

Planning is a factor to keep in mind to make your wedding unforgettable and special. We will help develop the organizational calendar with each of the elements involved in organizing the marriage. You will be able to drive and easily know what to do when the countdown to the event begins, within the allotted time for everything to be under control. If you have a wedding planner, I will make it easier and you will follow it together.

4. Decoration is an advantage for surprises

The decoration of each room in which the event will take place is very important to surprise guests and give a touch of chic to the wedding. You can count on the help of professionals who will put you in the space chosen for the celebrations and who, many times, has their own wedding planning consultancy service. You also need to pay close attention to lighting and customization from all angles. It’s the small details that will make the difference.

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